EA is an extremely popular software development company over 18 years specializing in LIVE dealer games for the Asian market. Whether live dealer or RNG product. Interactive with players & continue to absorb feedback, make timely improvements.

Based on the Traditional Baccarat & added variety of elements including No-commission, Pairs, Big & Small, Dragon Phoenix, Super 6, VIP & Points with 7 seats.

The European Roulette with the highest odds rate, while catering to players in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, the dealer's professional and skilled operation skills make each game fair and high transparency.

Traditional roulette in a technological way. Higher turnover rate and continue the interest of players.

Ultimate Blackjack is common draw game, which means all players at the table play the game from a common set of cards placed on the table. It allows unlimited players to be seated at the table.

The traditional chinese gambling game loved by Asia and even the whole world, easy betting and more combination, using 3 dice to evolve a kaleidoscopic and high odds result.

HD live streaming, popular Double / Equal betting with player & banker, original bullbull roadmap & real time winning hand ratio, most popular with Chinese strategic players, the game is extremely fast, exciting and thrilling.

The playing method of 3 Picture changes from Baccarat. Each player will be dealt 3 cards in each round. The objective of the game is to compare the rank between Player and Banker.

Pok Deng is a popular Banker and Player battle game. Player receives 2 cards and competes against the Banker on point value.

Mini Poker is a poker game in which you can bet on a 3 Card Hand, 5 Card Hand or 6 Card Hand or, if you believe that none of these hands will win, on All Lose. The game objective is to get the best possible hands.

RNG arrange the cards to make the best hand possible in each hand. Like the Live Bull Bull, according to the game rules to combine cards, Banker and 3 Players compare hand to decide the winner.

RNG arrange Dragon and Tiger each card, compare the number of points, the bigger one is the winner.

Bet multiple tables or different types of games at the same time, Players can use better various strategic skills to bet.